Sunday, November 7, 2010


So far, I've been using this blog mostly to post events. This is lame. I should be using this blog to post interesting, insightful, inspiring, gorgeously worded observations about love, life, and literature (the three Ls) which are so interesting, insightful, inspiring, and gorgeous that they 1) cause people who stumble upon the blog to buy my book, 2) cause people who stumble upon the blog to forward the link to other people who themselves then 3) buy my book. Instead, I just post events.

Here, however, are the reasons:
1) The events need publicizing.
2) Full-time job with one hundred billion papers to grade.
3) Two-year-old to raise.
4) Book-the-second to write.
5) Now that it's November, it gets dark at like 4:15 which means by the time #3 up there's in bed, I'm too tired to do anything useful at all.
6) It's a lot of work. One must update one's website and blog and a couple facebook accounts and Goodreads and Amazon. The social network, such that it is, is wondrous but also boundless. And boundless, my friends, is big.

That said, soon, for better and for worse, I'm going to have less book news for a bit I think, and then I will be able to dedicate myself to blogging the old-fashioned way. Something to look forward to.

Meantime, here are some November events:

November 2011
Paperback release of The Atlas of Love.
Something else to look forward to.

Thursday, Nov. 11 at 7pm
Tacoma, WA
Garfield Book Co. at PLU
Spotlight Literary Series

Saturday, Nov. 20, 3-6pm
Seattle, WA
Seattle7Writers Holiday Book Signing
Phinney Neighborhood Center
This one should be fun. Come meet 20 local writers, mingle, chat, eat cookies, feel holiday cheer, buy some books for a good cause (Writers in the Schools), and then have them signed thus making them perfect holiday presents. Awesome, no?

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  1. I loved this book. I fell deeply into it this week- often ignoring my children and mate to read it. :) You are brill! I am so glad it caught my eye in the library. I am writing my first novel and it is so comforting for me to read other debut authors- just to see that things do work out. Books get finished. People beam. Thanks again! xo