Saturday, July 31, 2010

Save the Date

The book tour begins! I will be reading/chatting/book signing/question answering/otherwise standing awkwardly up in front of people/hanging out in bookstores and libraries (always a great pleasure) on the following dates in the following places. I'll post more as they come up and reminders (pleas) as well. Please please please please come and bring anyone you can. It will be really really awkward if I'm there all by myself. More to come.

Elliott Bay Bookstore, Seattle
Sat. Aug 21
4 pm

Village Books, Bellingham, WA
Sun. Sept. 12
4 pm

Powell's Books, Portland, OR
Fri. Sept 24
Time TBD

Howard County Public Library, Central Branch
(The library of my childhood -- oh how many social studies reports I completed here) (Note to young readers: we used to have to go to libraries to do research. In books. And, ugh, on microfilm. Man was it a pain in the butt.)
Columbia, MD
Wed. Oct. 13
7 pm


  1. I recall those days! Take a look at this video clip for the high tech information system of 1970: . Best wishes as your book tour begins.

  2. I predict that you will have an enthusiastic audience at each stop. Work on your signature.